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Police Officers’ Off-the-Clock BlackBerry Use Suit Carries Lessons for All Employers

Photo credit: Janitors via Foter.com / CC BY

Last week, a federal judge in the Northern District of Illinois ruled against a group of Chicago police officers who claimed that the department had unwritten rules that discouraged them from turning in overtime for off-duty work performed on their BlackBerrys. ...

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Alternate Work Schedules: The 9/80 Pay Plan

Recently one of my colleagues asked a question about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) implications of a 9/80 pay plan that a client wanted to implement.  What is the 9/80 pay plan?  It is one of many alternative schedules ...

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FLSA FAQ: Calculating Commissions for Non-Exempt Hourly Employees

Earlier this week in a telecommunications HR group that I participate in, one of the HR professionals asked this question: Q.  How do we pay overtime to hourly inside sales employees that are paid a fixed hourly rate plus commission?  Do ...

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Rounding Time Entries: The High Stakes FLSA Poker Game

Do you remember this indie, middling box office success starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton about high-stakes poker?  In short, Matt Damon’s character loses all of his money, goes to law school (where, in a plot twist no law student would ...

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