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DOL Proposes (Potentially Temporary) Independent Contractor vs. Employee Interpretations of FLSA

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Since the Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour Division first announced its spring’s unified regulatory agenda, we have known that the DOL was planning to use the waning months of the Trump administration’s first term to fast track a new employee ...

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Reclassifying Exempt Employees as Non-Exempt under the FLSA

We have discussed exempt and non-exempt classifications and related issues many times here. Normally, we talk about classifying non-exempt employees as exempt under (most commonly) one of the white collar exemptions. What about the reverse? Can an employer decide to ...

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Your “Construction” Business Under State Employee Classification Laws

After a brief (but mandatory) operational pause, the blog is back!  I can’t promise daily posts going forward, but I will be active from here on out.  Back to our regular programming… Have you ever dreamed of being in “waste ...

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The FLSA and the Primary Duty: Classifying Employees Working Both Exempt and Non-Exempt Jobs

Stores are already putting up Thanksgiving and even Christmas displays (at my local Sam’s Club!), and Urban Outfitters is getting ready.  Gawker published an e-mail this past week asking its full time employees at URBN, Urban Outfitters’ Philadelphia-based parent company, to “volunteer” ...

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DOL Promoting Timesheet App again on Official Blog

The DOL promoted its Timesheet app again in a blog post yesterday, which it cross-posted to DigitalGov (and why DigitalGov.Gov, instead of Digital.Gov?).  Since May 2011, DOL has offered Timesheet for individuals to use to keep their own separate time records.  The free ...

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