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FLSA FAQ: Commuting in an Employer-Provided Vehicle

In the second installment of this “employee travel” series yesterday, I outlined the somewhat nebulous standard of a “normal” commute under the Employee Commuting Flexibility Act (ECFA) amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act (EFCA). In particular, Congress passed ECFA in large ...

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FLSA FAQ: Employee Travel Time: Commuting

Over the years in different industries, there are times that, like Johnny Cash, I’ve felt like I’ve been everywhere, particularly commuting from one job site or location to another. Yesterday, I outlined the general rules for non-exempt employee travel under the ...

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FLSA FAQ: Employee Travel Time: The General Rules

Throwback Wednesday doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but I’m going for it anyway.  One of the best country music “work” songs goes back to my high school days and Tracy Lawrence’s 1991 Sticks and Stones album.  “Runnin’ ...

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Ninth Circuit’s FLSA Pre Shift Activity Decision Shows Value of Integrity Staffing Standard

Last month, I mentioned that the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Integrity Staffing v. Busk has its limits.  That does not mean that the case has no utility whatsoever.  The Court’s formulation of work that is “integral and indispensable” is ...

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