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Kaplan law school test prep case tests bounds of FLSA Outside Sales exemption

Lawyer readers of the blog will remember BarBRI, Kaplan, and other bar prep providers hawking prep classes, flash cards, practice tests, and more to help law students get through exams and the bar. You also probably remember who their salespeople ...

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The Regular Rate for Commissioned Employees: Lookbacks and “Earned” Commissions

In yesterday’s post, we discussed the basics of calculating the “regular rate” for non-exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), including a reader question on how to handle commissions. Commissions are one of the forms of remuneration that you ...

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FLSA FAQ: Calculating Commissions for Non-Exempt Hourly Employees

Earlier this week in a telecommunications HR group that I participate in, one of the HR professionals asked this question: Q.  How do we pay overtime to hourly inside sales employees that are paid a fixed hourly rate plus commission?  Do ...

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