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Waiting to Exhale: When to Pay Employees for “Idle Time”

Recently, we discussed the issue of a call center employer who took deductions for employees’ “idle time” while on duty, both at breaks and while waiting for their next work assignment.  As a follow up to that post, I wanted ...

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Congress Repeals FLSA Provision, Immigration Battle Heads to Supreme Court

Earlier this week, we discussed the important amendment to the transportation bill that would clarify that federal law preempts certain state meal and rest break laws for interstate carriers.  That’s not the only change involving the FLSA and wage and ...

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Playing with FLSA Fire: Lawsuit over Call Center’s Aggressive “Idle Time” Deductions Proceeds

Recently, the federal district court in Minnesota allowed a collective action filed by call center employees to proceed in an example of how employers can end up playing with fire through over-aggressive time deductions, particularly when employees are idle and “engaged ...

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FLSA FAQ: Automatic Deductions for Meal Periods and Breaks

As we discussed earlier this week, under the FLSA employers do not have to pay employees for “bona fide meal periods,” because the regulations do not consider them to be work time. For a break to qualify as a bona ...

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